PEX Repiping

    PEX is arguably the most important plumbing invention since the flushing toilet. PEX is an acronym for PolyEthylene pipe that is cross-linked (hence the X). PEX lasts for years is flexible and requires no glue or soldering to install. There are also fewer fittings so… Read More »PEX Repiping

    Types of Leaks

      A Dramatic Gushing Leak This will be quite evident because of the sheer volume of water. This kind of leak can be the most damaging to your property and is usually caused by a cut, frozen or separated solder joint. Drip Or Pinhole Water Supply… Read More »Types of Leaks


        Backflow prevention devices protect your drinking water by keeping it free of pollution or contamination caused by backflow. But what exactly is backflow? Backflow occurs when contaminated water is allowed to reverse back into distribution pipes. Reversal of water flow can cause all kinds of… Read More »Backflow

        Sump Pumps

          A sump pump is designed to protect your home (primarily your basement) from water damage. Installed in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace, a sump pump keeps your home dry and safe from flood water damage. The water flows into a specially constructed… Read More »Sump Pumps

          Common Plumbing Problems

            When your home or business is confronted with plumbing problems, ensure that you are covered by a professional. In the area around Chelan, the only true plumbing professional is known as Allied Plumbing and Pumps. For over a decade, we have provided effective and economical… Read More »Common Plumbing Problems

            Tankless Water Heaters

              There are certain issues that come up all the time with toilets. Some fixes are easier than others, but they can all be fixed! If your toilet is suffering from any of the symptoms below, check out these quick fixes or give us a call… Read More »Tankless Water Heaters

              Excavation Services

                Since there are gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, and other utilities under the ground in just about every neighborhood in the state, it’s crucial to keep it safe and efficient when excavating in one of these areas. Choosing a reputable, high-quality service provider for… Read More »Excavation Services

                Bathroom Remodels

                  There are an incredible amount of DIY shows on TV these days telling you what you should do with your bathroom. The possibilities are endless and the choices can be overwhelming. Let us at Allied Plumbing and Pumps help you find what works for you… Read More »Bathroom Remodels