Bathroom Remodels

    There are an incredible amount of DIY shows on TV these days telling you what you should do with your bathroom. The possibilities are endless and the choices can be overwhelming. Let us at Allied Plumbing and Pumps help you find what works for you and what doesn’t. We can offer you the friendly advice that TV shows can’t. We can also adjust our services for any budget to help you complete a successful project.

    Organizing Your Ideas and Finding Your Own Style

    Whether you’re embarking on a major design project or just updating your faucets, you want them to look good and last for years. Call us before you make any remodeling decisions – we may think of an alternative that could save you money, or improve your energy conservation.

    What Is Your Motivation For Your Bathroom Remodel?

    If you are planning to sell your home, maybe a little change here and there, or a splash of paint in your bathroom is enough. Take inspiration from websites and home decor magazines. Keep pictures of your dream bathroom ideas and show us! We love to help people realize a better bathroom space.

    We Won’t Rush You

    One of the worst mistakes people commit when planning a renovation is to rush. More haste now makes for a bunch of major problems down the line. At Allied Plumbing and Pumps we can walk you through the process and help you avoid all the common pitfalls associated with bathroom remodeling. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for a while now. Spend at least four weeks, up to a few months, on the planning process if you are planning a major change. And remember, moving larger plumbed-in units (the tub and the toilet) are going to take longer and be more difficult. Consult with your Allied plumber to see if moving the tub is a good idea.

    We Are Experts At Bathroom Remodeling

    There are a few jobs in plumbing that you can try yourself. We at Allied Plumbing and Pumps are always happy to see our customers succeed in a project they tried themselves. In a major remodeling though (and even if you are just not sure), leave it to the pros. Your home is probably the most significant investment you’ll ever make, so let us help you protect it with a licensed and insured remodeling.

    We can’t wait to help you get the dream bathroom you and your family deserve. In an average lifespan (75 years), we spend over a year and a half in the bathroom. Let’s raise the bar for that time spent with a great remodel from Allied Plumbing and Pumps. Call 509-662-6622.