The Septic Tank

    The septic tank is the central component of your system that separates all your toilet flushes, bathwater, and laundry discharge into either sludge, liquid, or scum.

    If your system is working properly, naturally occurring bacteria break down the sludge and the scum. Naturally occurring bacteria in the ground break down harmful chemicals and unwelcome bacteria and eventually return the cleaner water to the ground, where it is further filtered by the soil.

    The Septic Field

    The separated wastewater in the middle layer of the tank is pushed out into the septic field as more wastewater enters the septic tank from the house. The septic field is a series of pipes with small holes lying on top of a bed of crushed gravel. If too much water is flushed into the septic tank in a short period of time, the wastewater can sometimes flow out of the tank before it has had time to separate.

    Septic Locating

    Septic tanks were sometimes buried close to a building for convenience, and in older properties, the tank could be anywhere! Allied plumbers will perform a series of diagnostics to identify the location of your tank and get to work.

    More often than not the septic tank is located no more than 10 feet away from the building in a straight line from your main building drain.

    Septic Camera Inspection

    We also offer septic camera inspections that can take a look at your septic system, drain lines, and septic field. Finding potential future septic system issues with this cutting-edge technology is an environmental savior as well as a money saver because it eliminates destructive digging.

    One of our trained technicians can insert a camera into your septic lines and see a whole picture of the septic system. If you are buying or selling a home, a septic inspection from one of our licensed plumbers is the best way to ensure that the drain, sewer, and septic lines are all in good working order.

    Call Allied Plumbing and Pumps at 509-662-6622 for help with your septic system. Septic systems can be an integral part of the overall water filtration system of this area of the world. We can make sure yours is not harming the environment.