Municipal Services

A Trusted Partner with Large Diameter Pipe:

Roads and sidewalks, pipes and buildings are all part of the necessary infrastructure that affects us every day. When something isn’t running smoothly it can have a huge effect on our communities, slowing us all down and causing unnecessary frustration.

Maintaining aging infrastructure doesn’t have to be an added headache to our communities, but with the technology at Allied Trenchless’s disposal communities can go on with their daily grind while restoration work is being done. Gone are the days of shutting down city blocks to dig up and replace critical infrastructure.

While total reconstruction is always an option rehabilitation can be more cost-effective, and more sustainable, while bringing aging infrastructure up-to-date and running smoothly. After starting with heat-cured liners in 2014, in 2017 Allied embraced the latest in UV-Lining technology. Allied Trenchless has rehabilitated pipes in major cities within the Pacific Northwest, has worked on Military bases, and has gone as far as working in remote islands from the South Pacific to the far reaches of Alaska.

The projects listed below highlight some of the complexity encountered on our large diameter projects over the past few years. Allied specializes in finding innovative ways to tackle difficult projects.