Excavation Services

    Since there are gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, and other utilities under the ground in just about every neighborhood in the state, it’s crucial to keep it safe and efficient when excavating in one of these areas. Choosing a reputable, high-quality service provider for your excavation services is a must if you want to avoid trouble and keep the damage to a minimum.

    No Room For Error

    When you need excavation services performed on your property, there isn’t a lot of room for error. One mistake in estimating where to dig to sever a gas line or sewer line, causing a horrible mess and potentially deadly fumes to permeate your property. Whether it is a repair to an underground line, a total replacement, or the further development of your property, you need to be able to rely on the service provider you choose and you need to know that your family and your neighbors will be safe.

    Common Reasons For Excavation Services

    Projects like new basements, new parkades, construction sites, lot clearing, and demolitions all need excavation services in one form or another. You may be considering renovations to your current home or you might want to add a new home to your property. Once that new home has been constructed, underground utilities will be a logical part of the process to get you all set up and ready to move in. When you make the call to Allied Plumbing, we can schedule a consultation to determine the precise service you need and to figure out how we will work with your contractor or other service providers.

    Keeping It Professional

    No matter how in-depth your excavation needs to be, it’s important that you never consider the DIY approach, and leave the job to experienced professionals. Saving money is great, but when you need to dig under the ground on your own property, you are only asking for trouble if you try to do it alone. The vast majority of homeowners don’t have the equipment, or the experience and know-how to perform an excavation safely and efficiently, so give yourself peace of mind and leave the hard work to us.

    If you need professional excavation services in the Wenatchee, WA area, call Allied Plumbing and Pumps at 509-662-6622 today. We will schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to visit your property and assess the situation today.