Backflow prevention devices protect your drinking water by keeping it free of pollution or contamination caused by backflow. But what exactly is backflow? Backflow occurs when contaminated water is allowed to reverse back into distribution pipes. Reversal of water flow can cause all kinds of contaminants to enter the distribution system, exposing you, your family, and your neighbors to potentially dangerous chemicals.

    Backflow testing and certification will ensure compliance with all the state of Washington’s codes and regulations. While Allied Plumbing & Pumps does not inspect these at this time We are always happy to point you in the right direction.

    Do You Have A Home Irrigation System?

    If you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, the pesticides and fertilizers you use can backflow into your water system. Hose-attached sprinklers and spray nozzles are a risk too and should be fitted with a hose connection vacuum breaker.

    Do You Have An In-Ground Pool?

    If you are filling your swimming pool with a hose not fitted with the correct backflow prevention device, a sudden drop in water pressure can cause water from the pool to be drawn back into your water supply. It’s unwise to submerge a hose in the water of any container that holds liquid. To be safe, make sure to leave an inch gap between the end of the hose and the liquid.

    What Causes Backflow?

    • Higher pressure in your plumbing system than in the water distribution system
    • Water can reverse when the distribution system’s pressure is low
    • Back siphonage can occur if there is a mains break

    Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

    Backflow preventers are mechanical devices with moving parts, washers, and seals that can wear down. Backflow testing and certification will make sure your water is kept safe and clean. Our Wenatchee water system and the beautiful Columbia River are ours to cherish and protect.