Emergency Repair

Historic location

Allied conducted an Emergency repair on a failed sewer line for a local municipality. Due to the unusual location of the sewer, we were called for a “No Dig” approach. Erosion had caused a large void under the sewer infrastructure. After installing a cured in place pipe inside of the existing sewer, we then filled the large void with a flowable fill. After the fill was set we repaired the manhole structure and used an injection grouting method to fill all remaining voids around the structure. The finished product is a new sewer with no leaks and a manhole structure that is solid and good to go for years to come. All without an excavation permit and no disruption to a very “historic” location.

Other Projects

Steam Cure Liner

This CIPP liner is rated for pressure at 260 degrees Fahrenheit

Wood Pipe

Allied replaced 600' of wood pipe with new HDPE under a house, orchard, and a road

Bore Project

Difficulties are where Allied shines!