Directional Drilling

    Directional Drilling What is Horizontal Directional Drilling? Flexibile & Reliable Directional drilling is the ability to drill in new pipe where there was nothing before. Allied technicians use special boring heads and water pressure to drill through the ground. The equipment will then pull behind… Read More »Directional Drilling

    Epoxy Coating

      Epoxy Coating What is Epoxy Coating? Durable & Reliable Epoxy coating is a fast, reliable, no-dig option of restoring water or sewage pipes. Epoxy is a strong, durable resin that hardens when exposed to UV light or heat. This resin is injected into a pipe,… Read More »Epoxy Coating

      Pipe Bursting

        Pipe Bursting Services What is Trenchless Pipe Bursting? New & Improved Systems Trenchless pipe bursting is an innovative technique for replacing old and damaged pipes. To begin the process, small holes are dug at the access points at both ends of the pipe. After thorough… Read More »Pipe Bursting