Pipe Bursting Services

What is Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

New & Improved Systems

Trenchless pipe bursting is an innovative technique for replacing old and damaged pipes. To begin the process, small holes are dug at the access points at both ends of the pipe. After thorough inspections of the pipe, Allied technicians send a bursting tool into your existing pipeline. The tool breaks the old pipe into small pieces, sends those pieces into the nearby soil, and clears a path for the new pipe. The new pipe is pulled into place as the bursting head moves along.

Because the old pipe is being removed, the diameter of the replacement pipe can actually be larger than the diameter of the original pipe to better serve your specific needs. When the process is completed, you are left with a new pipe that is seamless, strong, and ready to use.

Importance of Pipe Replacement

It is no secret that Pipes have an expiration date, especially those buried underground. Buried pipes have constant and strenuous pressure put on them as soil shifts, roots grow, temperature changes and structures are built near pipes with no regard to how they will affect underground pipe. Sometimes, pipes just have to be replaced. Allied has state-of-the-art bursting services, knowledgeable technicians, and high-quality tools to successfully replace your residential and commercial pipes through bursting.

A Few Benefits:

No Need for Heavy Equipment

Traditional water main and sewer line replacement requires heavy equipment and large crews to dig extensive trenches through your property or business, but trenchless pipe bursting is less invasive. Our team can dig small holes, send the bursting tool into your pipe, break apart the existing material, and place the new pipe without destroying your yard, foundation, and landscaping.

Cost Effective

In addition to its convenience, trenchless pipe bursting is also cost effective. Traditional repair methods can require large labor, equipment, and repair costs. Trenchless pipe bursting requires a small access hole, a few technicians, and far less time to complete. The project can be completed without the extensive property repairs that could potentially tack thousands more onto your bill.

Convenient & Eco-Friendly

Trenchless pipe bursting is convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. The excavation required in traditional pipe replacement can churn up asbestos, mold, and other hazardous contaminants in your soil and groundwater. Trenchless pipe bursting doesn’t require long trenches through your property, so your exposure to unhealthy conditions buried in the soil is reduced.