LED Lining Services

How LED Lining Works

Innovative & Simple

A similar method to CIPP, LED lining uses LED light technology to cure a material inside of the existing pipe. With this method, a liner is coated with resin and installed inside the damaged pipe. The liner is then inflated inside of the existing pipe and cured into place using LED lights.

Advantages of LED Lining

Quick & Effective

Similarly to CIPP, LED Lining has many benefits that are far-reaching. Some of which include being a no-dig solution, less expensive installation cost, faster results, a solution for any size, as well as eco-friendly. However, where LED might have a leg up on CIPP is the curing time. With traditional CIPP, it could take upwards of 6 hours for a pipe to cure into place whereas LED lining only takes roughly 30 min (depending on length and diameter of the pipe).