Camera Inspection

What is Camera Inspection?

A Cost-Effective Solution

Camera inspections occur when a technician needs to inspect the line (water line, sewer line, or other) to look for imperfections, damage, roots, faulty plumbing, lost valuables, etc. Allied is committed to use cameras to inspect the lines both pre and post work to discover where the issues are and to show the finished product, making sure the quality of work is done correctly and will not cause the homeowner or business owner more trouble.

At Allied, we also have the equipment to locate the position of a camera above ground to know exactly where the issue is. This can prevent whole line repairs or replacements by only needing to address the specific spot rather than a whole line, saving you time and money.

If you’re wondering what is in your pipes, call the professionals at Allied Trenchless to inspect your pipes for you. The process is quick and non-invasive.  It will give you valuable information for moving forward with your rehabilitation work. Call 833-668-7362 to schedule your inspection today.

A Few Benefits:

Accurate Diagnostic

Without a proper camera inspection, any skilled, well knowledged plumbing technician would only be able to suggest a diagnosis for your issues.  There would be no accurate way of knowing ahead of digging into your pipes what is truly causing your issues and where the problem truly is.  This could mean wasted supplies, wasted time, unnecessary work, an end result that might not even fix the problem. Going in blind is never a good course of action.  That is why camera inspections are so important to Allied.  Prior to doing any work on your pipes, we want to know precisely what is happening in the pipe to save you precious time, money, and the headache of unneeded damage to your property.


Precise Repair Plan

Now that the pipe has been cameraed, the technicians at Allied can begin formulating a plan to fix the issues you have been experiencing.  Your technician will work to come up with a plan that is best for you, whether that’s fixing a few parts of your pipe with point repairs or replacing the entire line.  The detailed camera inspection makes this decision very clear.

Boost's Property Appraisals

While camera inspections are not necessary for house appraisals, a sewer system that has been well maintained is very desirable to prospected homeowners.  Camera inspections are inexpensive and could be well worth your time in the long run.

Peace of Mind

After Allied Trenchless completes a job, the technicians always camera the lines to inspect their work.  They are looking for areas where the pipe might have imperfections like folds, divots, or other areas that could cause problems.  If something is spotted, the technicians take care of the issue right away and you can live with peace of mind knowing that the job was done right the first time.