6" Repairs with UV Lining

Active Factory

This was a 600′ long 6″ diameter cast iron pipe under an active factory. We installed a CIPP liner under the factory floor for this main line and then cleaned 27 connecting laterals. Prior to the UV Cured CIPP Liner there was approximately 5’ long hole in the bottom of the pipe. The pipe was about 50% full of debris to start. In areas of the pipe there we completed a PVC repair in the cast iron. We then rehabilitated 5 of the laterals via epoxy coating CIPP methods.

Other Projects

Emergency Repair

Erosion had cause a large void under the sewer infrastructure.

Steam Cure Liner

This CIPP liner is rated for pressure at 260 degrees Fahrenheit

Wood Pipe

Allied replaced 600' of wood pipe with new HDPE under a house, orchard, and a road.