Tacoma, WA



Allied Trenchless completed a challenging job in an urban metropolis.  The job required 13 separate liners between 42-48” in diameter.  Overall the team completed 3,658 linear feet of liner along with accomplishing the bypass in-house. Multiple phases of the project were established, all with their own challenges including lowering a wench approximately 40 feet onto the bridge for access. The bypass plan was extensive and required much prep work. Overall our bypass plan was over 3,660 feet of 18-inch pipe that went across the road. In order to keep up with the heavy rain, we had 4, 12-inch pumps as a backup. Allied was able to successfully complete the cleaning, bypass, and lining of this extensive project.

Other Projects

400' x 42” Pipe with Bend under Water Level

Lining this 42” stormwater pipe offered unique challenges.

Remote Culverts in National Park

This project was located in the Olympic National Park requiring the lining of culverts on hillsides with remote access.

60-degree Slope Pipe Rehabilitation

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of a pipe with over a 60-degree slope.