High Profile

Due to the highly sensitive nature of this job many steps needed to be taken before work could begin work at the Naval Base.  Every employee who worked on the job had to undergo a background check and agree to a certain standard of working conditions. The CIA area rules, where a portion of the job was completed, included not having their phones, if camera capable, on them at any time. The location and sensitive nature of the job also meant that they were under constant surveillance and a strict time frame was put in place. A great deal of planning the schedule ahead of time, coordination with other contractors, and government coordination went into preparation for each pipe replacement at this job site.  Unfortunately, no pictures of this job site were allowed. 

Other Projects

400' x 42” Pipe with Bend under Water Level

Lining this 42” stormwater pipe offered unique challenges.

Remote Culverts in National Park

This project was located in the Olympic National Park requiring the lining of culverts on hillsides with remote access.

60-degree Slope Pipe Rehabilitation

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of a pipe with over a 60-degree slope.