400' x 42” Pipe with Bend under Water Level

Lining this 42” stormwater pipe offered unique challenges.  Due to changing tides, we were required to hold back the water and fluctuate our bypass to adapt to the changing conditions.  

One of the access points was located on a Starbucks patio. In order to work on this line we needed to allow the storefront to stay open. Having an extremely small footprint allowed us to perform the installation without needing to remove the manhole castings located on the patio. This provided a limited amount of disruption to the community and the business.

Other Projects

Remote Culverts in National Park

This project was located in the Olympic National Park requiring the lining of culverts on hillsides with remote access.

60-degree Slope Pipe Rehabilitation

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of a pipe with over a 60-degree slope.

36” Mountain Pass | Montana

Allied installed a 36” liner at Rogers Pass, Montana right as the first Winter snow hit.