Epoxy Coating

What is Epoxy Coating?

Durable & Reliable

Epoxy coating is a fast, reliable, no-dig option of restoring water or sewage pipes. Epoxy is a strong, durable resin that hardens when exposed to UV light or heat. This resin is injected into a pipe, and then brushed on the pipe from the inside with the use of specialized brush heads installed on the end of a hose. This resin is then dried, leaving a brand-new pipe in its wake – adding at least 50 years to your existing rehabilitated pipe.

Ultimately, epoxy coating has far-reaching uses and is a superior choice for repair options for a multitude of reasons. It is a sturdy, durable fix for deteriorating pipes in your home or business.

A Few Benefits:

Prevents Further Deterioration

Over years of use, pipes begin to deteriorate.  With the use of epoxy coating, you can add an additional 50+ years to your pipes and stop harmful deterioration.

Reduces Friction Hydrophobic

Many sewer systems are made from concrete, which is incredibly porous and can often have a buildup of waste materials. Epoxy is an incredibly hydrophobic material meaning it literally repels water. This allows for water and other liquid substances to move smoothly through the pipe; even pipes with a very minimal grade.

Can Be Used with Potable Water

Other lining materials cannot be used with potable water (water used for drinking) but with Epoxy coating, this is not the case. Use it in every system in your house or business if the need arises.

Good for Complex Systems

Epoxy coating is an excellent choice for rehabilitating complex systems that often make up larger building-like apartment or business complexes. Unlike other trenchless or traditional methods, epoxy coating is excellent for complex systems because of the seamless transitions from pipe to pipe. Without the need for specialized fittings that curve or make 90-degree angles, Epoxy coating simply works with what is already existing and makes smooth connections from one pipe to the next.