Directional Drilling

What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Flexibile & Reliable

Directional drilling is the ability to drill in new pipe where there was nothing before. Allied technicians use special boring heads and water pressure to drill through the ground. The equipment will then pull behind the drill head new pipe.  With this advanced technology, pipe can be pulled into place in a variety of challenging directions and through a vast number of soil conditions in one shot.

A Few Benefits:

Works on a Number of Different Pipes

Whether you need a new conduit line ran from your house to the ______, or a new water line, Allied can do it all with horizontal directional drilling. Directional drilling also swerves a vast number of diameter pipe, making this a viable option for your new projects.

Can Be Shot on Grade

With Horizontal directional drilling, a new pipe can be pulled in at an angle and even make curves and turns if necessary. The sturdy robotic boring heads can take it all on.


With Horizontal directional drilling, pipes can be pulled into place nearly anywhere.  Often times, soil conditions would make trenched pluming more difficult requiring even heavy or more specific equipment.  Horizontal Directional drilling can be done through a variety of challenging dirt conditions such as clay, sand, rocky soil, hard compact soil… even frozen soil!