Bypass Services

What is Bypass?

A Temporary Installation

Bypass is the process of diverting water or sewage through a temporary line while the main line is being fixed. Because a Bypass is temporary, it is only a means to a solution. A temporary line is installed in the section of the damaged pipe that is still working. The temporary line takes the water or sewage diverting it around the section of pipe that needs fixing. While the bypass is installed it allows the technicians access to the section of pipe that needs lining without shutting down the water.

This is a great solution to larger households, multi-family homes, businesses, or municipalities that cannot afford to lose use of water for a time or function of their sewer systems.  It allows things to continue as normal while the repairs are being made.

Benefits of Bypass Systems

Keeping You Operational

The main benefit of a Bypass system is to continue the use of water lines or sewer lines while work is being done, which is why Bypasses are commonplace when working on pipes for larger structures.