Common Toilet Problems

    There are certain issues that come up all the time with toilets. Some fixes are easier than others, but they can all be fixed! If your toilet is suffering from any of the symptoms below, check out these quick fixes or give us a call at 509-662-6622.

    Toilet runs constantly

    There are many reasons a toilet might run constantly. This is probably the most frustrating issue with toilets, but also the easiest to fix. The most common ways a toilet will get stuck in the ‘running’ position are the handle gets stuck, the chain gest a kink in it or it is too short, or the seal is old and needs to be replaced.

    • If it is the handle, simply try wiggling the handle to see if the toilet fills and stops running. With some models of handles, the handle will get stuck in the “flush” position so the user needs to remember to always check that it has returned to its normal position. This can be annoying and even embarrassing if you often need to tell guests.  You can look into getting new handles for toilets at most hardware stores or online. Allied can even special-order toilet handles from most brands if you prefer to go through a licensed plumber.
    • If it is the chain, you can easily find replacement chains at your local hardware store. They are relatively simple to replace yourself just make sure you get the length correct. There should be a little slack in the chain when it is not in use, but when the handle is in the flush position the chain needs to be taught enough to lift the plug.
    • If the seal is old and leaking, this too can be a simple fix. Check your local hardware store for the right size seal and try replacing it yourself.  Again, it is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix before you call the plumbers.

    If none of these things fix the issue, it is time to call the experienced plumbers at Allied to come check out the problem. Our friendly staff will find a time for an experienced plumber to come and diagnose the problem.

    Toilet Handle Loose

    Similarly to the above issue toilet handles can become loose over the years and hang limply often giving the appearance of being old and out of date. This is a simple fix and cheap fix. You can find many options of toilet handles at your local hardware store, online, or you can even order through Allied. They are simple to install, but if you feel you would rather have a professional install this Allied Plumbers would be happy to help.

    Water on Floor around Base

    If you are experiencing water on the floor and you are still reading this blog post, it is past time to call a plumber. The water could be due to a cracked toilet bowl or basin…or something else. It is important to call right away because this water could be hazardous to your health or house structure.

    If you suspect a major issue you could turn off the water supply to the house. This is often located next to your water heater, but all water in the house will shut off.

    Allied technicians are available 7 days a week! If you call out of hours you will receive a friendly representative who will take your information and relay it to the plumber on call who will call you back in a timely manner and help get your household or business back to normal again.

    Toilet Clogged

    Many toilets experience temporary clogs. There are many innovative ways to fix this. The first fix would be the toilet plunger. To use this tool correctly you insert the plunge into the toilet to begin to fit around the drain (or hole) at the base of the bowl. The idea is to push air into that hole to unplug whatever it is that is clogging the drain. If you don’t have a toilet plunger on hand, saran wrap around the entire bowl of the toilet, or duct tape can work also. Simply cover the bowl and make sure there is a seal; there cannot be any openings. Flush the toilet once and you will experience a rise in the saranwrap or duct tape. At the peak of the rising bubble push firmly down. This forces the air again to go through the drain, in the hopes of pushing the clog through the toilet drain and allowing the water to flow freely again.

    If these solutions do not work, or this is a commonly occurring issue it might be time to call the Plumbers. The plumbers at Allied have special tools they can use to clear debris from drains without puncturing the pipe or ruining the existing structures. Trust the experts at Allied to clear your constantly plugged toilet and restore the embarrassment and frustration of a clogged toilet.